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What is S.W.I.F.T. and why do we need it?
There were rumors that, as part of sanction against Russia in 2014, Russian banks may be disconnected from international money transfer system S.W.I.F.T. The first thing that comes to mind is the sad story of Cyprian department of FBME, when it was s... more

  • Banking secrecy, Lithuania, Poland, Bank accounts
In August 2011, a Belarusian opposition activist Ales Belyatskii was arrested and charged with hiding income from tax authorities. Information obtained from Lithuanian and Polish banks became the basis for the arrest. This information on the ...
  • Latvia, LLC, U.S. companies, Lithuania, Offshore
Formerly, U.S. companies of LLC type were a convenient tool of international tax planning. The key advantage of LLCs was cheapness of registration, as well as little reporting formalities. Most companies that were actively trading in CSI countries ...
    The term "deoffshorisation" has begun appearing in media since the end of 2012, when president of Russia Vladimir Putin called for more measures against outflow of capital abroad. Talks about potential anti-offshore laws hanged in the air, but ...
    • Offshore, Crimea, Free industrial zone
    Talks about Crimea as almost a new offshore appeared just after the events that had put its territorial status under question mark. Yet only in December 2014 Russia clarified its plans regarding the new region. In the very end of October 2014, ...
      Our clients experience a relatively simple procedure of company registration. Below are the few key steps the client and we go through: 1. Decide on jurisdiction. 2. Decide on the type of the company (joint stock company, partnership or limited ...
        Majority of banks open the accounts for clients during a personal meeting. However, to start a corporate account for an offshore company, clients usually choose banks that are comfortable with servicing customers remotely. Such banks tend to have a ...
          To ensure quality of services provided by us, legality of our solutions and productive cooperation with our partners and banks, A.R.T. Business Group follows strict Know Your Client (KYC) policy, which in practice means requiring certain documents ...
          • A.R.T. Business Group
          Mission Our mission is enhancing prosperity of business by providing optimal solutions for tax planning and wealth management while staying within tight ethical boundaries. Corporate values Individual approach to every client With our 18-year ...
          • Deoffshorization, Offshore, Russia
          The changes in Russian tax legislation introduced in November 2014 target collecting taxed from foreign companies that are controlled by Russian residents, or so-called Controlled Foreign Companies (CFC). All the CFCs will be subject to taxation, ...
          • Offshore, Bank accounts
          We open bank accounts in Latvia, the UK, Israel, Hong Kong and on Cyprus. We only use services of reliable banks with a long history of fruitful cooperation. We diligently match your needs with services and capabilities of banks. Depending on you ...
          • Poti, Georgia, Offshore, Free industrial zone
          Poti Free Industrial Zone (FIZ) - is the first free trade area in the Caucasian region. It was established in 2008 on the territory of Poti (ancient Georgian town) harbor. There is a golden fleece on the flag of the town, as, according to a legend, ...
            Significant changes were made to Latvian law On Income Tax from Enterprises. Effective from 2013, Latvia introduced certain tax relief, which were aimed at stimulating inflow of capital, particularly from CIS countries. Here are the most important ...
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