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How to register a company

How to register a company  Our clients experience a relatively simple procedure of company registration. Below are the few key steps the client and we go through:

1. Decide on jurisdiction.
2. Decide on the type of the company (joint stock company, partnership or limited liability company).
3. Decide on the structure of the company - who will be beneficial owner, director, secretary; decide whether the nominal services are required.
4. Decide on the additional services - telephone address, virtual office, corporate style for forms and invoices etc.
5. Decide on the provider of the services.

We consult on all the matters related to registration and maintenance of the companies, bank accounts opening, nominal services and all other associated services. You can call us by phone, contact us via Skype, write an email, fill the form or make an appointment in one of our offices.

Registration of offshore companies

We offer to register a new company or to buy an existing one. We will open a company in a jurisdiction of your choice or will offer you a jurisdiction in accordance with your individual task.

After the very first consultation you will know whether an offshore company solves your problems, what are the costs and timelines.

We possess immense experience at registration of companies in England, Scotland, Israel, on Caribbean Islands, in United Arab Emirates and Baltic States, which allows us to estimate the timeline of registration with the highest degree of precision.

Registration procedure and time required

It may take minimum of 24 hours to start a company or to transfer the ownership in the existing one. The precise timing of registration depends on the jurisdiction. The timing of ownership transfer depends on the structure of the company, as well as individual preferences of the client.

After the consultation you will be familiar with detailed procedure of registration and ownership transfer and will decide on the structure of the company that suits your needs best. You will determine whether you require nominal services, a secretary, a virtual office and other features of an offshore company. Once again, the features depend on your individual goals - you choose only the essential ones. After the conversation with our specialist you will also be able to decide on an extremely important matter - the bank for your company's corporate account

Your location does not matter

It does not matter where you are. We work with clients all over the world. Our cooperation with remote clients is well organised - you will not have to be present at any of our offices. You will receive the documents personally in the cities where our offices are located; delivery to other places is organised with UPS. The courier will hand it in to you or your trustee.

Guarantees and reputation

A.R.T. Business Consulting provides services on creation of offshore companies since 1996. In order to ensure security and convenience of cooperation with us, we opened offices in different parts of the world.

The key element of our strategy is building long-term relationships with clients, for that reason we invest much of our resources in ability to foresee potential pitfalls and to come up with the safest and most efficient solution in the long run. Individual approach to each and every client, coupled with systematisation of experience accumulated during the long years of work, enables us to find the best solution in every situation.

No hidden payments

After the consultation you will have the precise picture of all the necessary actions and expenditures.

Want to know more about registration of an offshore company? Call to our offices and make an appointment. The consultation is free of charge.

If you have no possibility to visit our offices, the best way to consult is via Skype, as the Skype conversations remain confidential.

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